The Ultimate Currency

History of Gold

Gold has been widely used throughout the world as money, for efficient indirect exchange as barter trading, and to store wealth in hoards. The first known coins containing gold were struck in Lydia, Asia Minor, around 600 BC. Gold not only fueled the trading history but it has heavily influenced human history including artifacts, culture, empires, religious, and century wars between country. It survive until today as one of the most precious metal in the world. All human mankind are desire to own gold but gold production is very limited. All the gold mined in the world in history would only fit into a cube 60 feet on each side, that is to say, it would fit in the space as big as the underneath of the famous Eiffel Tower.

Gold Coin

Gold is a pure limited natural resource that could not be reproduced, human have substituted the precious metal with paper currency to represent gold. Bills and gold certificates added to the circulating stock of gold standard money in most 19th century industrial economies. Gold standards and the direct convertibility of currencies to gold have been abandoned by world governments in 1971 and Fiat currency now fills most monetary roles, nothing but just paper and ink that printed by the goverment.

Dollar Currency

In 1928 version of United States 20 Dollers is equavalent to the exchange of 20 gold coins but nowdays with 20 United States Dollers you cant even exchange to a 1g of gold. The Gold value has been leaving the currency value by far for more than 50 years. When a currency value drop, gold's value rises. In the past 15 years, gold has risen 580% in value.

Gold Vs Money

  • Material

    Element 79 AU

  • Source

    Limited Natural Resource

  • Recognition

    International Currency

  • Production

    5m Cube Yearly

  • Material

    Paper & Ink

  • Source

    Print by government

  • Recognition

    Country Currency

  • Production

    541 Million Day


Money Inflation

Money Inflation is happening everday and most of the people didnt realize it. 20 years ago, RM100 is enough to sustain a week meal for a whole family but because of Money Inflation the value of RM100 is getting lower and lower every year. RM100 today cant even sustain a person 3 days meals. Money in the bank saving account is shrinking everyday because dropping value on paper currency. Money inflation also has a big effect on investment part, example Properties investment.

Property and Gold

A double stories house in 2002 had cost RM326,478.00. After 15 years the value has gone up 225% to RM736,000.00, which has a profit of RM409,522.00 in 15 years. Now we compare the property to gold by exchange the property’s value into gold in Kilo grams. The comparison shows an opposite result of losing -62% in gold. This shows that, your profit in properties is no longer a profit when money inflation accrues over period of time.

On the other hand, if we transform RM326,478.00 into gold in 2002, after 15 years by 2017, the gold will have an increment of 400% on value which is approximate value of RM1,305,912.00 and with a profit of approximate RM979,434.00. This data had prove that transform your cash into gold is much better than you made an investment on properties.

YEAR 2017
RM180/per gram
YEAR 2002
RM36/per gram
Gold Increment in 15 years
Gold Data

“Gold prices will climb slowly, steadily, and stealthily for the next 4 years without a significant pullback, re-challenging $2,000 by 2021.”

Gold Bull Market

In the gold price history, Gold has been through bull market from 2000 - 2012 and it lasted for 12 years. In these 12 years many incident has bring the gold price into a rocket high price, start with Dot-com bubble(2000), World Financial Crisis(2001), US housing bubble(2006), World Financial Crisis(2008) and European debt crisis (2009). All of these has bring gold price up to a historical high of 180 myr/g. In 2012 - 2015 Gold is in a bear market for 3 years. In the early of 2016, Brith launched Brexit and gold has rebounced and started a new trend of gold bull market until today gold has back to the price of 175 myr/g with an increase of 40% in just 2 years of time.

Quantum Metal believe gold price will start another long train of bull market and bring the price to another historical high of 350 - 450 myr/g in the coming 5 years. Potential increment can up to 200%. This is because we believe that in the next 5 years world economy will face another significant economy crash and this will lead gold price with a strong bull market trend. Furthermore, in Quantum Metal base country Malaysia, we believe Ringgit and Patrol price unlikely to recover from the “unhealthy” situation in the next 5 years and only will get worst. Ringgit Inflation will increase the burden of daily expenses of Malaysia citizen on food, transportation, living cost, utilities and this will decrease the market spending power and market. will lead into a “hibernation” syndrome.


Malaysia Bull Market

Gold is not a new product in Malaysia, they are mainly use in jewerly, electronic connectos and investment. But most of the people thinking that buying gold is a spending and only rich should buy gold. In Quantum Metal we want to educate people with the correct mind set of buying gold. Buying gold is not spending but is an exchange of currency and gold will only preserve and enhance your wealth.

But what is the best way to start saving gold? Gold Jewelry? Which has a final retail price that's marked-up? Jewelry is not saving, it is spending. Some save in the form of paper gold Paper gold is just another form of trading currency; you do not own any gold. However Buying physical gold bars or bullions, will give you the problems of storage and transaction. Is your gold safe? Is your Gold well insured? Most banks don't cover the full value of your gold.

Malaysia Gold Product
Gold Jewelry
  • Gold Jewelry price markup 30% - 40%
  • Not 99.99% pure gold product
  • Included Minting fees, Design fees, Transportation fees, Retail cost, Branding fees and etc.
  • Not easy to keep and carry
  • Security concern
  • Paper Gold are gold certificates issued form the bank
  • The term Paper Gold means you have a piece of paper acting as a substitute for the physical gold.
  • With paper gold, you don't own the gold; you own a promise to receive physical gold
  • Subject to counterparty risks
  • A form of Trading Currency
  • Not exchangeable into Physical Gold
  • Certificates not Recognized by International Parties
Paper Gold
99.99% Gold
  • Physical Fine Gold Market price markup 10% -30% (depends on the weight)
  • Including Minting cost, Security cost, Transportation cost
  • Security concern
  • Bulky and Heavy (Not easy to carry)
Malaysia Gold Transaction & Storage
  • Pawn stores offer buy, sell & loans, secured by gold products
  • The pawnbroker keeps the item until the customer repays the loan with interest and any additional fees that may apply.
  • Interest rate is not fixed and usually 10% and above
  • Subject to counter party risk
  • System not insured
Pawn System
Bank Storage
  • Yearly Bank Safe Rental payment from Rm200 – RM500
  • Yearly Key Deposit payment from RM100 – RM200
  • Sum Insured From RM 20,000 – RM50,000 only (the higher the more expensive)
  • Not Flexible
  • The typical home safebox is bulky and heavy, not easy to carry and move
  • The rigid shape is space consume
  • Not Flexible
  • It is not insured and home is a place high risk to accident like Fire, burglar, flood etc.
Safe Box

2 Main Problem in Malaysia Market

Buy & Sell
Transaction & Storage

“Quantum Metal Gold Storage Account is a new era of gold saving system, we believe we have solved most of the problem people are facing in gold saving. Now everyone can join us in gold and enjoy the bull market train”

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